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ID119131 award winner design

I am pleased to announce that WoodBergs Nature have been awarded the Iron A' Design Award in Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Category by the International Design Academy, the grand jury panel of the A' Design Award & Competition which consists of internationally influential press members, established designers, leading academics and prominent entrepreneurs.

The A' Design Award is the World's most influential and largest design accolade, presented each year in Italy. It is a great honour for me to receive this prestigious award and I would like to thank all of A' Design staff members for their continued support and help along the way.

The A' Design Award gives recognition to the excellence of design on the international stage. Checkout WoodBergs Nature, my award winning design here.


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Americana mockup

Exhibition of fine art photographs curated by Flavia rovetta
from 29 April to 28 May 2021
Carlo D'Orta Artstudio Gallery
Piazza Crati 14 00199 Rome

The imagined city is a place of possibility, where everything is shaped by language, be it verbal or not. There are no contradictions in such a place, since its very essence is nourished by unexpected events, discrepancies, paradoxes. Here, then, that vibrant, floating, distorted cities appear, quivering with a teeming life. They are a reflection of what has been or can still be: vivid and real places in the imagination, or only lucidly imagined in reality.
Carlo D'Orta (with Vibrazioni) and Patrizia Dottori (with "Americana Breakfast table set") do not limit themselves to representing cities, but have the demiurgic ability to build them, to make them In-Visible Cities: ethereal and evanescent and, at the same time, concretely visualized through the photographic lens.
Imaginative, but no less true. (F. Rovetta)

The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday 16-19 and on other days and times by appointment by calling the numbers 328/0416111 - 347/3626823
The entrances will be staggered in compliance with the sanitary dpcm. It is advisable to agree on the visit in advance by booking the time.

Carlo D'Orta on the web

American Breakfast table set gallery

Video realized by Flavia Rovetta

The "Americana Breakfast table set" catalog can be purchased at full prize from Blurb at this link, if I order at least 20 copies I can get a 40% discount, if you are interested in having a copy please write me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..