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locandina miniquadro

F HAI Cold 12

Fiera del Miniquadro

Participation in the 7th edition of the Fiera del Miniquadro with Fireberg Hot|As|Ice and Mother&Land.

At Andrea Lucchetta's "Elle" Contemporary Art Gallery
Via Saragat, 13/a – 31022 Preganziol (TV)
It can be visited until 2 December

For more info visit ellegalleria.it

award winner design

MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design

My project Woodberg was included in MOOD, an online museum project, after being awarded in the Photography and Photo Manipulation Design category by A 'Design Award.

The exhibition is accessible at the addressmuseumofdesign.com





THE LONELY BODY by Giorgio Bonomi

Self-portrait in contemporary photography (Vol. 3)

I am very pleased that my self-portrait works (PatIsHere and Sentidos Revelados) have been included in this collection. The three volumes that make up the trilogy offer a vision of the self-portrait as poetry, as well as technique: for the first time, a very extensive review of artists who use photography to represent their own true self, their own body as their subject. More than 700 artists from all over the world are examined, from the 70s to today, from the most famous and established to the youngest and most beginners: the book in fact aims to document the exponential spread of this artistic phenomenon. Through the search for their own identity, with disguise, with narration, experimentation, denunciation, the artists indicate deep problems that are psychological and aesthetic, social and political. The author gives an account of all with a brief introduction to each chapter, with a succinct examination of the individual authors and with a selection of their works, in black and white and in color. The self-portrait is a practice especially of female artists and the body is defined "lonely" precisely because this technique is performed in solitude, alone or at most with the help of a friend who presses the camera button, so "The lonely body" is imposed in mass society as a testimony of malaise but also as a possibility of escape and salvation.

2021 W276309 square designrankings

2022 infographic designclassifications


WoodBergs strikes again: new awards for this photographic project dedicated to the environmental issue!

A'Design Award & Competition is one of the main design competitions held every year with juries and artists from all over the world, an indicator of quality and perfection in photographic design, which confers an international and ambitious award: I am very happy and proud to have won!

The competing projects focus on innovation, sustainability, technology, design and creativity and I participated in the 'Photography and photographic manipulation' category, with the WoodBergs project, where I use the negative inversion technique to reinforce the concept that we need to raise the level awareness of the consequences of our actions on the environment.

With this work I was ranked #7806 among the best designers in the world in the Designer Rankings and #65 among the best artists with the DAC World’s Leading Designer.

I'm very pleased!