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2022 infographic designclassifications


WoodBergs strikes again: new awards for this photographic project dedicated to the environmental issue!

A'Design Award & Competition is one of the main design competitions held every year with juries and artists from all over the world, an indicator of quality and perfection in photographic design, which confers an international and ambitious award: I am very happy and proud to have won!

The competing projects focus on innovation, sustainability, technology, design and creativity and I participated in the 'Photography and photographic manipulation' category, with the WoodBergs project, where I use the negative inversion technique to reinforce the concept that we need to raise the level awareness of the consequences of our actions on the environment.

With this work I was ranked #7806 among the best designers in the world in the Designer Rankings and #65 among the best artists with the DAC World’s Leading Designer.

I'm very pleased!