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Miradas Compartidas 2019

Also for 2019 Fondo Malerba per la Fotografia has scheduled an exhibition at Havana titled Miradas Compartidas. From the 8th of november to 2nd december the event will be shown inside the historical Centro Hispanoamericano di Cultura
The exhibition is curated by Mino Di Vita (Italy) and Alain Cabrera (Cuba) and it is part of the “Noviembre Fotografico Cubano” organized by Fototeca de L’Havana, and also of the “Semana della Cultura Italiana a Cuba” organized by the Italian Embassy.
The 30 artists that will be presented are:
Martino Borgogni, Antonella Bucci, Angela Di Finizio, Carlo di Giacomo, Cesare Di Liborio, Carlo D'Orta, Patrizia Dottori, Luigi Franco Malizia, Franco Martelli Rossi, Matteo Mezzadri, Luca Monaco, Enrico Pezzoli, Antonella Pizzamiglio, Danilo Susi e Massimo Zampetti.
Sonia Almaguer, Sarah Bejerano, Alvaro M. Brunet, Claudia Corrales, Daniela Diaz Alvarez, Maitè Fernandez, Yangtsè C. Garcìa, Danay Gonzales Garcìa, Gabriel Guerra Bianchini, Belkis Martin Pèerez, Leo de la O Rigoberto Oquendo CHACHO, Irene Pèrez, Daylene Rodrìguez, Diuber Sicilia.

My picture is taken from my project The beginning.

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Art Full Frame exhibition
London Photo Show

Some of the pictures from my projects shinebergs and woodbergs with Art Full Frame for the London Photo Show.

The exhibition will take place at the Bargehouse Gallery, Oxo Towar Wharf from 17 to 20 October 2019, the gallery will be open from 11am to 6pm.

Don't miss the opportunity to admire the works of some really talented photographers!

locandina backtothepast

Back to the past

My project "A mari usque ad mare" has been selected together with other 20 authors to be part of a special volume dedicated to analogic photography by Magazin Cities and produced by ISP, Italian Street Photography.

Back to the Past is a concept that presents vintage photography, also contemporary, that have a photographic focus upon the past, memories, emotions, lived or imagined worlds, dreamy or real life. The must is that the pictures have to be shot with analogic techniques.

You can view my project here:

The book will be printed in 200 numbered copies and will be presented for the first time in Corigliano Calabro during Fotografia 2019 from 3rd to 7th July.

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Manifesto Vissi Arte 70x100 leggero


Antinoo Internation Centre for Art-Archive Marguerite Yourcenar, in collaboration with “L’Altrosguardo-Artisti Associati”, started this project in 2015 when a proposal to acknowledge Italian Opera as UNESCO immaterial humanity heritage was made. The project aims at promoting and valueing this art in the world.

The exhibition will take place at the complesso monumentale di San Salvatore in Lauro del Pio Sodalizio dei Piceni Piazza San Salvatore in Lauro 15 Rome Monday 1st July 2019 from 5pm to 7pm. Artists and local authorities will attend the event.

Final toast.

Info: 3335025102

Download invitation in pdf

cartolina 15X10 tokio g


International event organized by the Fondo Malerba per la Fotografia. The exhibition will be hosted in Tokyo in the gallery Roonee247 fine arts from the 23rd to 30th of June, curated by Mino Di Vita, creative director of Fondo Malerba and renowned photographer much appreciated in Japan.

Japanese public, always much interest in italian artistic productions, will be able to admire, besides my own pictures from The Beginning project, works by: Antonella Bucci, Martino Borgogni, Angela Di Finizio, Carlo di Giacomo, Cesare Di Liborio, Carlo D’Orta, Antonella Gandini, Marco Giorgione, Luigi Franco Malizia, Enrico Pezzoli, Francesca Pompei, Danilo Susi, Walter Turcato e Luigi Vigliotti.

artetra lisbona


Patrizia Dottori's project Mother&Land has been selected by Artetra to participate to the collective art show that will be shown at the Atelier Natalia Gromicho from the 11th to the 18th may 2019, concurrently with the Lisboa, international contemporary art fair.
Rua Nova da Trinidade, 5G Piso S/L. Chiado, Lisboa

This show is part of the Art Grand Tour that will take place in the major european capitals. A voyage of discovery, research, confrontation, on the ship of audacity and courage. "You never return from a trip the way you started it".



Sentidos revelados

"Once I was out I went towards the light, I could see myself in real dimensions, always with the silver dress, illuminated, with many reflections, projected above, in the direction of a spark that was there but far."

Opening of photo exhibition with:

Patrizia Dottori (photographer, artist), creative manager and creator of project
Antonio Fernandez (scene photographer and artist), photographs
Anabela Santagata (photographer), assistent
Santiago Ceresetto (actor), guide to project interpretation, voiceover, video
Flor Lista (photographer), video
Editing and postproduction: Patrizia Dottori and Antonio Fernandez

22 march 2019

INBOCCALUPO Espacio de Artes y Eventos
Virrey Arredondo Buenos Aires



12 sitok

 fotografiadiffusa sitokk

MFR Mese della Fotografia (Month of Photography)

"It is with real pleasure that I announce my commitment with Mese della Fotografia, an event that Rome has been waiting for a long time and I hope it will become a long time appointment for all enthusiasts of this art".

Patrizia's photos will be present around Rome in different places:

The project Mother&Land by Patrizia Dottori will be hosted at Beba do Samba in collaboration with Locanda Atlantide and curated by Laura Turco Liveri.
The exhibit will be on from 15th to 31st of March everyday from 8 pm
Opening 15th March 8pm, finissage 30th March 18:30

i12 fotografi romani is a collective that shows the life of Rome in diverse aspects and points of view, curated by Andrea Mazzini.
Galleria Area Contesa Arte Via Margutta 90 (Piazza di Spagna)
Inaugurazione 22 marzo ore 18:30 - in mostra dal 22 al 26 marzo

fotografiadiffusa is a new way of approching a photo exhibit showing them in bars, shops, galleries. A project by farefotografia. Info at fotografiadiffusa




locandina madrid


Patrizia Dottori's project Mother&Land has been selected by Artetra to participate at the artists collective exhibition that will take place in Madrid at the Galería Gaudí from 27th February to 3rd March 2019 within the context of Arco Madrid, International Contemporary Art Fair

Galería Gaudí Calle de García de Paredes, 76, 28010 Madrid, Spagna

This show is part of the Art Grand Tour that will take place in the major european capitals. A voyage of discovery, research, confrontation, on the ship of audacity and courage. "You never return from a trip the way you started it".

 Download the programme in pdf

locandina atlante ara







The richest database (1950-2018)

On 15th february 2019 the "Atlante dell'Arte Contemporanea" published by De Agostini will be available in bookstores. This monumental text that counts over 1000 pages is dedicated to the complete mapping of italian artistic context. A valid and unique reference for italian Art-economy information, dedicated to the relationships between art and finance, collectibles world and markets, system and industry. As the time period considered is very narrow, this book represents the richest database available on contemporary art.

Two photographs by Patrizia Dottori have been selected and are part of the Atlante:

Scusate il disturbo, Habana, Cuba 1999, Restauration of Habana Vieja, Unesco Heritage
Analogue photo - 80x60cm
Srebrenica Cerimony, 2016, Srebrenica, Bosnia 2016
Digital photo - 60x40 cm

The official cerimony will take place on 15 february with the following timetable:

H 10.00 - 13.00
Continuous video projection of the volume at Auditorium Ara Pacis (Rome) no conferences, free entrance

H 15.00
Aula Magna, Rettorato “La Sapienza”. RESERVED ENTRANCE max two people (artist plus one)



Mother&Land, the project by Patrizia Dottori, has been selected to participate at the eighth cycle of Prix Pictet, the global award in photography and sustainability, dedicated to Hope. The next shortlist will be announced at Les Rencontres d’Arles in July 2019 and the winner at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in November 2019.